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Blackford is full of dedicated experts who take pride in our collective success and support each other every day. We celebrate individualism and encourage everyone to be themselves at work. People really matter at Blackford, and we’re always trying to find new ways to improve on our supportive and inclusive culture.


We’ve created a package of benefits which we think compliments our culture nicely – tailored, personal and thoughtful. As well as the things you’d expect – generous holiday allowance, pensions, private healthcare, support for menopause and other health-related events – we also offer paid pawternity leave, a paid week off for charitable work and no-questions-asked mental health days.

Flexibility is also part of how we operate at Blackford. No, we’re not claiming flexibility is a jaw-dropping benefit – we just used it as a pun so we can tell you we have weekly yoga sessions open to all. We also liberally sprinkle the year with surprise staff events, and the less-tangible things that make working here so rewarding. Ask us about the Christmas Toms-bola…


Our offices are open, collaborative spaces. We’ve tried hard to make our offices fun and energising, and we’re lucky enough to be based in some of the coolest real estate around. But then a church is its people, and the pews at Blackford are full of amazing individuals with serious expertise and gloriously diverse backgrounds.

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Current Vacancies

Do we sound like your kind of people?


We don’t have any vacancies right now, but we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who could be a great fit for Team B in the future.

If you think that could be you, then drop us a line. Any enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.