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When you make it rain but the roof falls in

The M&A process is exciting, nerve-wracking and has the potential to transform your business – but anyone who’s experienced the deal-making journey will tell you it can also be unpredictable and fraught with risk.

Hollywood will never make a sexy movie about doing your insurance due diligence before a deal goes through, but that doesn’t make it any less important. In the maelstrom of documentation, detail and disruption, it’s easy to miss the risks which can make your golden deal quickly feel like a wooden spoon.

Diligence, delivered

Here’s how we can help as part of your diligence process:

– Insurance health check: from D&O to public liability and directors’ medical checks, making sure the right cover is in place can protect buyers from a nasty surprise further down the line

– Warranty & indemnity cover: in most M&A transactions, sellers are responsible for any losses caused by liabilities discovered after the deal completes. Warranty and indemnity insurance protects the seller from losses post-completion, reducing risk for the buyer and seller.

Indeed, our advisory service can apply to any business – deal or no deal – which wishes to uncover the suitability and competitiveness of its insurance programme.



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