What We Stand For

Insurance for the good of everyone.

Create certainty in a world of change.

We were founded because we wanted to do insurance differently. Blackford is a direct and determined response to an insurance sector that needs to reprioritise clients, people and the greater good. We’re ambitious and focused, human and empathetic, expert and honest. We’re Blackford, and we’re here to change the insurance sector for the good of everyone.

Focus on value, with values.

Insurance is meant to deliver stability when things go wrong. During difficult times, we provide advice, guidance and support to get you to the best outcome possible. We keep things clear and simple with uncomplicated language (strictly no insurance jargon) and transparency. We know cost is always going to be important, but the right cover is paramount. For us, insurance is always about finding the best cover available at the best value, rather than any old product for a rock-bottom price.

Our values underpin everything we stand for at Blackford.

Be unforgettable.

We want our colleagues and clients to talk about the great people at Blackford. It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect that ethos. We’re constructive and supportive when working together on tough stuff; patient and eager when helping others develop; and whole-heartedly enthusiastic about others’ success. And if there’s a problem, we handle it with respect and kindness.

Be comfortable when you look in the mirror.

We’re driven by the principle that we always do the right thing by clients, our team and the wider insurance industry. We’re confident in our abilities, so we care deeply about behaviours and attitudes which prioritise honesty, decency and empathy.

Be uncompromising about client risk.

We don’t ever say “that’ll do” or accept “good enough” when it comes to our clients. They trust us to manage their risks and we take that seriously. We turn over every stone, ask intelligent questions, and find out how we can give them ultimate peace of mind.

Be proud of building things to last.

We emphasise quality over quantity and believe in taking a long-term view. We’re invested in our clients’ success and we grow with them – never at their expense.

Be open to difference and challenge.

We welcome alternative opinions and we’re genuinely excited about finding a better way. We understand that diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences lead to better outcomes for everyone.

Don’t just take our word for it

Making insurance a pleasurable experience

“The care and attention that comes from Blackford is second to none. That’s the way I seek to do business – the relationship we have with Blackford is the relationship that I want to have with my own customers.”
CompanyNet, Edinburgh

Going above and beyond...

“Stephen Randall went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to our building’s insurance. He helped wade through boxes of old files to answer our insurer’s questions about the materials used in our extension. His local knowledge is also invaluable.”
Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh

All it took was a few conversations and then they got on with the job

“Blackford helped us to have conversations with insurers and then translated all the paperwork to double-check that the policies were providing everything that we’d been promised. All it took was a few conversations and then they got on with the job, leaving us to concentrate on running our business.”
Suvera, Digital Healthcare Providers, UK

The whole team at Blackford are brilliant

“Chris and the whole team at Blackford are brilliant – it doesn’t matter who you’re working with, it’s seamless… They’re excellent when it comes to representing your business to insurers who might not understand the detail of what you’re doing. That’s been invaluable for us on numerous occasions.”
DA Macdonald Contractors, Argyll

... why I like Blackford so much

“I buy into service and I understand service, I think it’s a disappearing art. That’s why I like Blackford so much – its approach is very much in line with how we do business.”
Private Client, Glasgow

The team has been proactive

“Having Blackford on board has become an essential part of our future business planning. The team has been proactive in helping us to identify and mitigate potential risks, which then allows us to move forward more quickly and with confidence.”
Finnies the Jeweller, Aberdeen